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Flavours carefully crafted by a master distiller

Terra Australis Distillery

Terra Australis is about the mythical Great South Land. “The Southern Land of the Holy Spirit”, according to Spaniards of old. It’s about exploration, adventure, and mapping new ways. Botany and botanicals. Purity and strength. It’s about the old world of Europe meeting the new world of Australia. Ultimately, it’s about Discovery, which our range of gins and vodkas embody.


The distillery

Nestled just on the edge of the township of Daylesford – at the entrance of this lovely, little community – one will find the Old Butter Factory. This steadfast, stately piece of history has become the home of Terra Australis Distillery.


As you come into the estate, you are greeted with a flourishing garden with beautiful, elegant trees and a rolling carpet of green that leads you to our front entrance. There are pathways to guide our visitors, and plenty of parking for individuals, groups and coaches.


Our distillery is dedicated to creating memorable, life-enhancing experiences for all who enter.